AimcoR Group, LLC.

AIMCOR Group is a national Insurance Marketing Organization that distributes and services insurance and retirement products through a variety of platforms. We enjoy a unique business model that places emphasis on forging and maintaining the right relationships with the intent of TRANSFORMING OUR BUSINESS.

How? By working with successful members who also maintain a sense of ownership in the overall direction of the company, by rewarding members for focusing on core carrier business and long-term commitment, by approaching carrier relationships as partnerships toward long-term sustainability and success, and by being a proactive, not reactive force in the shaping of the industry’s future.


AIMCOR Group is the result of a well-orchestrated strategic merger between Aimco and RGroup in January of 2011. We have grown by double digits since our inception and have definitive plans to continue to do so for many years to come. We employ short-, mid-, and long-term strategies that support and expand our stronghold in the independent producer space and also incorporate business-to-business capabilities, focusing on alternative and creative means of distribution through P&C firms, FMOs and CPAs, enhancing our direct-to-consumer avenues to keep up with marketing and technology trends, and adding high quality members to enhance group value.

Why are AIMCOR Members different than in other IMOs? Our members are a team, and as such, we work together to share successes, knowledge, and make strides to build something new and different in our industry. Not everyone is a good fit for AIMCOR. Our members do not say “what have you done for me lately,” they say “let’s figure out how we can all grow, benefit, and succeed.”

We are proud to say that AIMCOR Group Members have long term vision and embrace equity membership in an exclusive IMO relationship. They take the growth of their own individual organizations and that of AIMCOR Group as a whole seriously, as one would any important business investment. Members are committed to placing business through our core carriers and willing to share time, money, knowledge, pain points, and success stories with fellow members. This open and sharing environment enhances the success of the group, the success of our carrier partners, and creates a healthy and sustainable model for the future.

If you are like-minded and want to know more about what it means to be a member of AIMCOR Group, we encourage you to reach out to us. We will find out a little bit about your business, encourage you to ask questions about our model, and let you know if membership or an affiliation with us is a good move for you and for us.



AIMCOR Group members enjoy a wide breadth of product choices, intellectual depth and expertise, dedicated relationships with most of the top carriers in the business, and competitive compensation with these core product types:

Life Insurance for the individual or multi-life, fixed or variable, all has been carefully scrutinized to gather companies that offer excellent pricing and features at all ages. Unique product niches are carefully designed to provide the most competitive rates for each underwriting circumstance whether it be smokers, preferred smokers, nonsmokers, preferred nonsmokers, and substandard underwriting.

Annuities are offered from carriers with the highest ratings available and designed with high current fixed interest rates and short surrender charges for both the qualified and non-qualified marketplace. The array of annuity products includes immediate or deferred, fixed as well as indexed and rated annuities for the medically impaired.

Long-Term Care products are offered with the maximum in policy design and features. Plans include Home Health, Nursing Facility, or Comprehensive care with benefits such as guaranteed renewable for life, bed reservation, no prior hospitalization required, ambulance service, return-of-premium rider, inflation guard rider, guaranteed purchase option rider and spousal discounts.

Income Protection policies are offered for people with varied incomes. Policies include non-cancelable or guaranteed renewable premium rates and conditionally renewable to age 75 if working full-time. Residual benefits, recovery (return to work) benefits, future insurability, COLA riders, own occupation extensions, social insurance offset, and supplemental monthly benefits are just a few of the features available.

AIMCOR Group takes great pride in the value we offer to our members, our carriers, and to the public, which translates to creating significant value to ourselves. We are committed to the practice of delivering innovation, developing new markets, and achieving steady, sustainable, and ethical growth in partnership with everyone who does business with us. Our members enjoy strong and dedicated relationships with top carriers, with a wide breadth of products to choose from, competitive compensation and profit-sharing. But that is just the beginning…

Almost any IMO out there can offer a level of compensation, product choice and expertise. But in addition to that, being a member of AIMCOR Group also means:

  • sharing


    AimcoR principals and members work closely together to define how the organization will evolve to continue being relevant and successful. Simultaneously, the growth and success of individual AIMCOR members also takes high priority. AimcoR fosters an environment of sharing, where members can communicate their ideas, best practices, and success stories for the benefit of all.

    We facilitate frequent opportunities for discussion in the form of regular group calls with our “2020 Study Group,” which assembles the youthful and innovative thinkers among our members into a forum where the past is discussed and future of our industry can be actively shaped. Our Marketing Committee volunteers ideas and content for marketing initiatives that can be shared across channels, and increases our value with creative intensity!

    We even enjoy regular in-depth calls with insurance carriers on an executive level, in events we have named Executive Insights. In this AIMCOR-exclusive forum, principals can ask direct questions about the direction of the carrier’s products and company overall. We also conduct “Doing Business With” calls to aid in the operational aspect in working with our core carriers.

  • producer incentives


    AimcoR Members utilize the bi-annual “Aim High” incentive program to reward loyalty and exceptional sales performance in top producers, and to celebrate our partnerships with core carriers. We love this incentive as a means to show appreciation to our members’ top producers, and we have many repeat qualifiers who say this is a trip that is not to be missed. The Aim High Producer Conference does a magnificent job of combining recreation and education, and does so in an exclusive and exquisite environment.

  • member meetings


    AIMCOR hosts three core in-person member meetings per year, with the intent to share ideas, solidify relationships, and cohesively determine our path. Always in an easily-accessible yet desirable location, our Operations Meeting, our Marketing Meeting, and our Annual Meeting are highly anticipated events with an average participation rate of 95%. Our 2020 Study Group also meets in person where the lessons from the industry’s past are discussed, and the innovative direction of the future is shaped.

  • technology support


    AIMCOR Group offers its members a continuously expanding technology infrastructure that includes:

    • Member website design, support and maintenance
    • Secure email hosting & large file share capability
    • Individual Member IT Support & Security outsourcing
    • Emma® Email Marketing and a variety of other e-Resources
    • National vendor arrangements for quotes, forms, electronic submission and agency management systems
    • A Members’ Intranet (AIMCOR Exchange), your single source of information on carriers, meetings, ideas, commissions, tools and much more.
  • tools and training


    Marketing is a high priority for AIMCOR and we are diligent in giving members current information and access to the tools they need to do business, better. We produce a bi-weekly electronic newsletter titled AIMCOR Digest which contains all of the current carrier news, training opportunities, and upcoming events to help agents and brokers stay ahead of the rest. We also condense and assemble all relevant carrier updates into a separate email called Carrier Connections, which are member agency-customized and ready to go directly into the in-boxes of producers with just a few clicks.

    Marketing tools such as customizable sales ideas, advanced concepts, and “cheat sheets” are consistently being created, kept current, and available online and frequent producer and agency training webinars are held as a means to actively grow sales. We hold a monthly one-hour Core Carrier and Member Showcase where during the first half of the call, one of our core carriers is invited to showcase a product, concept, or service to agency principals and staff. The second half of the call is dedicated to a member presentation that relates to the message delivered by the carrier. It comes in the form of a tested and actionable sales idea or tool that can be shared and effectively used to drive more sales.

    Perhaps the feather in our AIMCOR marketing cap, we host frequent calls exclusively for the brokers of AIMCOR members in a webinar we call AIMCORrectly. Professional speakers deliver top-notch and expert information on a variety of topics, which are delivered in tandem with co-brandable supporting materials with the potential to make an impactful difference in sales before the end of that week.

    Finally, our members enjoy access to our password-protected and constantly updated intranet site, called AIMCOR Exchange. The Exchange houses contact sheets, a master calendar of upcoming events, archived meetings and presentations, technology links, an e-library of carrier information, operations information such as compensation grids and commission statements, and marketing tools like the customizable sales ideas and “cheat sheets” (we call Navigators).

Are you ready to be part of the conversation? We would love to hear from you.


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